Maximising income for Croydon landlords

At homes2let, it’s our vision to ensure Croydon landlords are maximising their property income whilst reducing the hassle and time spent on property management. We believe renting your property in Croydon should be simple, and with the homes2let rent guarantee, it really is as easy as A-B-C!

Guaranteed Rent for Landlords with Property in Croydon

The homes2let guaranteed rent scheme has been designed by our experts-in-the-know to make your life as a landlord or letting agent free from risk and devoid of worry. And, because it’s all backed by our quality benchmark promise and resilient business standing, you get to enjoy unbeatable service and total peace of mind all the way.

Hassle Free

Everything’s covered, from tenant sourcing and referencing to getting your property rental-ready both sides of the tenancy. The ultimate hands-off investment.

Swift & Streamlined

Smooth, reliable and fast. We offer on a property within 24-hours of viewing it, meaning your guaranteed payments start super-swiftly.

Cashflow Certainty

Not only is the rent paid in advance, it is paid by standing order for the duration of the contract. Rent arrears will be a thing of the past.

Zero Void Periods

Your rental payments continue, even during vacant periods. So that’s a continuous income stream 365 days a year.

In-House Maintenance

With day to day maintenance and repairs all taken care of, you’ll never have to worry again about out-of-hours calls.

Fee-Free Zone

homes2let pays ALL your rent with NO deductions. Nil set-up costs, no admin fees, zero commission. The safest, simplest way to let your property.

About homes2let

Since 2009, homes2let has been making a difference to buy-to-let landlords. Our mission is to offer comprehensive property management services that will maintain financial stability for Croydon landlords with local property.

Using an unrivalled blend of experience, knowledge and skill, our team provides certainty and peace of mind for landlords with property in Croydon. If you are seeking a unique solution to the traditional form of property lettings, the homes2let rent guarantee could be just what you need.

Latest Insights

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    The Importance of Regular Mid-term Inspections

    25th November 2021

    Ensuring minor issues don’t escalate into major problems is an exercise that never fails to save landlords time and money. It’s precisely why the mid-term inspection is such a vital tool. Here’s the lowdown on mid-term inspections, why as a landlord you should be investing in them, how often you should be doing them, and what’s involved.

  • heat source pump grants

    Heat Source Pump Grants Coming Soon for Landlords

    18th November 2021

    As confirmed in the recent Autumn 2021 Budget, landlords have been included in the government’s heat source pump grant scheme, which will provide access to grants of £5,000 to help replace gas boilers with low-carbon air or ground source heat pumps from April 2022.

  • Short lease property

    Buy to Let Landlords: How to Deal With a Short Lease Property

    9th November 2021

    Are you looking for a leasehold property to buy to let? If so, you may have considered buying a property with a short lease. But is short lease property for sale actually worth the risk? What are the main considerations? Is it possible to obtain finance, and what exactly is a short lease anyway? Join us as we explore the pros and cons of buying a short lease property.

  • tree trimming landlord or tenant

    Everything a Landlord Needs to Know About Trees

    4th November 2021

    Trees are beneficial to the environment, and can be an attractive feature in any garden. But when they grow to towering heights and start blocking light or the roots start causing issues, problems can ensue. For landlords and tenants, the lines of responsibility when it comes to trees can often become blurred. Here we look at landlord’s responsibilities for trees, as well as general rules and regulations for property owners.

  • 2021 Budget advice for landlords

    Autumn Budget 2021: Landlord Update

    27th October 2021

    The focus of today’s Autumn Budget and Spending Review was post-pandemic economic recovery. From grants to help landlords replace boilers, to a deadline extension for Capital Gains Tax, there are a number of announcements that look set to impact landlords and property investors.

  • Landlord Buildings Insurance

    Landlord Buildings Insurance: Warning to Check Your Sum Insured

    20th October 2021

    Landlord buildings insurance covers rental property against risks such as flood, fire or vandalism. The cover meets the costs of repairing or rebuilding the property but, if your sum insured isn’t sufficient to cover the full costs of a rebuild, you may find yourself either having to make up the difference yourself, or surrender the property. With construction costs recently facing a huge hike, it is vital to check that your sum insured remains realistic.

  • Who is responsible for mould landlord or tenant

    Condensation, Mildew & Mould: Landlord or Tenant Responsibility?

    14th October 2021

    Mould, damp, mildew and condensation are a fairly common problem in rental properties, often discovered at the end of a tenancy. If you find any of these issues in your property, you may be wondering whether you can pass the costs for resolving them on to the tenant. Whether or not you can depends on various factors.

  • court paperwork to evict a tenant

    New Evictions Paperwork Compulsory from 1 October

    7th October 2021

    From 1 October, landlords and letting agents are required to use new forms when dealing with Section 8 and Section 21 Notices. It’s crucial that any notice deemed as served from this date uses the new court paperwork to evict a tenant, otherwise it will not be valid. Here’s how it all works.

  • Living in Croydon

    5 Reasons Why Croydon is a Great Place to Live – and Invest in Rental Property

    29th September 2021

    With its excellent commuter links into London, its offering of fairly priced properties and abundance of leisure facilities, it is no wonder that living in Croydon has become a popular move, and that investing in buy to let property in the area has in turn developed into a lucrative opportunity. Here are five reasons why Croydon could be the place for your next property investment.

  • Dickinson Estate Agents have dealt with Homes2Let since they first started operating. We have a large portfolio with them which is always growing. We would highly recommend the staff and their services.

    Rupen Shah
    Managing Director (Agent)
  • I have let my investment property to homes2let for over 3 years now and I have to say, they have never missed a payment, only contact me when necessary and have a lovely team. I would recommend their service to any landlord looking for a safe and reliable income, without the headache of managing tenants.

    Negar Shamshiri
  • Homes 2 Let Have been a pleasure to deal with from the very first introduction. Rizwan and his team have taken time to fully understand my requirements as a landlord and have been very professional in all aspects of our business together. Their ethos and business model suits me perfectly and I envisage a long and successful partnership. If you are after a hassle free and low touch model for your rental properties, I recommend you contact Rizwan and his team at Homes 2 Let.

    Bharat Patel
  • We Can properties have worked with homes2let and they have provided a great service and most importantly always pay on time.

    Ben Nyarko
    Managing Director (Agent)
  • Homes2let is a great company to work with, they truly take the stress out of property management. My rent is Guaranteed and is always paid in advance by standing order. I would have no hesitation in recommending Riz & the team at Homes2let… fantastic service guys! Thank you

    Kelly Mandlo